Buncrana Castle

O'Doherty's Keep

Castle Bridge

What is immediately impressive about O’Doherty’s Keep is its beautiful setting.

The Crana River and the arched bridge which leads to the castle are in a heavily wooded area. The walk along the banks of the river evoke a medieval atmosphere.

Unlike the other O’Doherty castles, the history of the Keep is relatively placid. It was used more as a home than as a base for battle because of its relatively secluded position. Sir Cahir O’Doherty also used it as a place to congregate his followers.

In the 17th century after the plantation, Chichester leased it to Sir Henry Vaughan who lived here after alterations, until the building of Buncrana Castle, the adjacent manor house, in 1718. The bawn was supposedly dismantled during the construction.

Wolfetone was held at Buncrana Castle after his capture in Lough Swilly.

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