Northern Inishowen
Cloncha Cross & Church

Culdaff and its hinterland is exceptionally rich in traces of our past. The village is situated on a foundation dedicated to St. Buadan.

One the hill of ‘Bocan’ about 2km from the village - one is transported back to the Bronze Age and a more cryptic eta. Here the much mutilated but immensley impressive “Stone Circle” ominously occupies pasture land above the Catholic Church, commanding a breathtaking view of North Inishowen.

Nearby the intriguing portal tomb called “The Temple of Deen” possibly marks the burial place of a noble man or spiritual leader. The proximity of these monuments and records of others nearby, suggest an area of special importance in the early Bronze Age. (The Stone Circle and the Temple of Deen are visible from each other).

Only 1km from Bocan is “Cloncha”. Another monastic foundation and of special historical importance - there stands a restored high cross, the shaft of another and carvings in the disused church which suggest the scale of a monastery.

Close by at “Carrowmore” two crosses standing eithr side of the road mark the place with the foundation of Both Chonais stood.

Malin and Malin Head were once separated from the rest of Inishowen by a deep bog that stretched from Trawbega Bay to Culdaff. No such division exists today and the drive from Culdaff to Malin Head via Glengad offers spectacular scenery, rugged coastline with the Isle of Scotland visible on a clear day.

“The Wee House of Malin” is the site of a religious foundation with an interesting past. Situated in the townland of Ballygorman in Malin Head, it offers a haunting view of Inistrahull. On the coastal road from Malin Head to Malin Town stands “Lagg Church” situated among the highest sand dunes in Europe and shadowed by the cliggs of the Knockamany Bens, this is the oldest Catholic Church in Inishowen and contains a Baptismal Font from Fahan Abbey.

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